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After my Mother went to be with the Lord, Dec. 02,2013, just as I was feeling more like my old self
I became very ill the following May of 2014. I am doing much better now but I have been and will be going
through some extensive diagnostic tests the month of February and March. During this time of waiting, 
we have been working on our personal relationship with my Lord, Yahshua, so that we will be prepared and 
anointed of the Holy Spirit for the next phase of His ministry and destiny for us. 2014 has been a time of
great testing of our faith but we believe that the storm is about over and we thank the Lord for His being
in the storm with us.Prayerfully by April or May, we will be ready to be sent out again. Until that time comes,
 please be in prayer about having me and my husband (Resurrection Riders Motorcycle Ministry) to visit 
church, conference or prison to give our testimonies and to minister to your congregation,  the Word of
 Deliverance and healing. God has blessed us with an older but well taken care of Motorhome which will
 make traveling more convenient and less expensive and we will be able to expand our ministries.                                            

I will be writing a new message soon